structured-waterSTRUCTURED WATER UNITS – Transformational new technology to change the water you drink, shower in, swim in and also for your animals plants and garden encompassing use of a multiple vortex emulating nature’s way of structuring water.  For health benefits  this water penetrates to cell level, increases vitality and positive energy, absorption of minerals and vitamins, and  balances PH levels  in the body. It also supports aerobic healthy bacteria whilst eliminating that which is bad for the body

It also removes  by restructuring, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals and existing calcium  and corrosion build up in pipes and tanks and machines using water, as well as algae growth in fish tanks and swimming pools. The Structured Water Units are a one off purchase , no replacement filters required. I have a portable unit and a whole house unit myself  and am extremely satisfied with the way that they have positively affected our lives, home and garden!

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