I was born and brought up in the West Country of England. After travelling extensively I settled in Kenya with my husband Peter. We lived there with our two children Tom and Becky for 24 years in Karen at the foot of the Ngong  Hills of Out of Africa Fame. Here with the strong and vibrant colours and amazing African light I developed a strong creative side ,love for painting and strong connection to the very special land that is Africa.  We now live in the beautiful countryside of Mallorca amongst the vines and the sheep, along with my Crystal skulls and  American Indian Medicine wheel and are lucky enough to have our two children and four grandchildren living close by.

Although I  have always had, an innate knowing an feeling of the presence of  source  and the non physical, the exploration of my spiritual side has been a profound passion of mine only for the last 25 years or so! During this period I have explored and facilitated many spiritual healing modalities, including Reiki,  Reconnective Healing ,Melchizedek Method / Gaiadon Heart Healing etc. and studied the philosophies  of the Ancient Mystery Schools and indigenous cultures and, enjoyed researching the  merging of science and spirituality  more especially  the new Quantum Science, and visiting and working with sacred sites  all around the world. Within this exploration of the Esoterical I have discovered that my work involves a strong connection to the Cosmic Consciousness,  lineage of the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Union, balance of male female energies on the planet, Sacred Geometry, and the new wave of emerging Aquarian age children!. who are here to make us truly appreciate OUR MULTIDIMENSIONALITY

 I am also interested in creating workshops, gatherings and excursions  here on Mallorca and further afield  and indeed  anything that involves adults and children alike becoming self empowered to create their own reality and to create change for a better  way of living for themselves, their children and grandchildren.! This of course is not to be considered laborious work but  joy and happiness  which is what life is all about!

Books and people who have helped me on my way:- 

Claire Heartsong ‘Anna Grandmother of Jesus’ ( who lived for 500 years)

Eckhart Tolle – ‘The Power of Now and the New Earth.’

Greg Bradon – ‘The Divine Matrix ‘and  many of his other recent  books

Bruce Lipton – ‘The Biology of Belief’  ‘The Honeymoon Effect’(2013)

Paramahansa Yogananda – ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’

Doc Childre and Howard Martin – ‘The Heart Math solution’

Tiara Kumara – ‘Morphogenesis and the Skillsets of Evolution’

Kaiara – ‘The Sophia Codes’(2016 – embracing the Divine Feminine within us all)

Mary Rodwell – ‘The New Human’ ( 2016 – about the new children coming in)

Rebecca Dawson – ‘The New Human Experience’ (2016)