I am a grandmother of four who is lucky enough to have her grandchildren living nearby. Lets move with Grace in the face of change for every change brings us an incredible opportunity for Growth!

Connecting to children is one of the most important ways to expand our consciousness.  Children now are are a new wave of sensitive beings, born into ever increasing earth frequencies and they 

are here to show us how to change the world and we are here to support them.We can do this most of all by believing in them, listening to them, 

 giving them our time and showing them how incredible they are, allowing them to Shine and to choose, showing them that its not all about possessions,  that its okay to connect to their soul self and the empowering magic of nature, all its elementals and the fact that we are all connected energetically and that we are by no means alone in the universe Let them teach us also! We may be surprised at what we learn!!

It is already proven from Quantum Science that we are all energetically connected and that we really do not utilise all the DNA that previously was available to us ie ‘ the natural not yet understood ‘side of our brain’.However these once dormant abilities are now coming online and with each generation comes a wave of new frequencies enabling us to re-explore and accept such things as telepathy, seeing feeling ,knowing and hearing  beyond the physical . These all point us towards accepting that we are indeed eternal Multi Dimensional Beings with limitless power and abilities, far exceeding our present day expectations of ourselves! We all need to know and recognise this and share with our children that war and the like is futile and only leads to primitive repetitive  patterning and more of the same! Say no to war, murder, displacement and enslavement of people and excessive consumerism and competition  rather than co-operation . Say no also to any feelings of negativity that attack our core self worth and self empowerment Keep reminding ourselves that we are all overall energetically connected and what we do to another we do to ourselves!

 unfortunately despite the fact that Quantum Science has been accepted by many for over 100 years  and  much longer by the Ancient civilisations it is not yet the main physics taught in schools but things are rapidly changing and with the help of internet we are  really beginning to  realise that most of the science and  history learnt in schools has a lot of missing information  i.e the earth  and our history is very much older than we have all  been lead to believe and in Quantum Science  the concept that we are all energy and all one is now fact! Just as we are beginning to realise that Medical Doctors are not the last word on our health!

 For 25 years’ The Super Psychic Children of China  have been recognised and nurtured by their government. It is increasingly apparent that a lot of these ‘new kids on the block’ are able to function as pure energy within their consciousness. They are coming with the abilities to see past the illusions, with the abilities to travel inter dimensionally, communicate telepathically, see with all of their cells not just with they eyes.Their reality is not limited to the physical senses. They are highly  sensitive  and intuitive and do not always think with their mental structuring in linear form but rather holographically.

Many of them are  coming as StarSeeds bringing new technologies and information from other planets and previous lives.They accept their  multidimensional reality and extraterrestrial heritage. They bring with them the ability to teach us to operate as one, the ways of the future that will assist us in wholeness for a world of harmony and peace. within them is the vibration of all things! The One! 

It is for this reason that we should become more aware of all of our children and try to understand and not resist the truths that they bring forth, sometimes with much opposition and difficulties!


Here at my house in the countryside near Biniagual is the perfect space to hold Creative Gatherings for children where they can express themselves freely through discussion, art , nature and the American Indian medicine wheel, Connecting and understand the heart and their own emotions, learning simple healing techniques for themselves and others, simple meditation and any other kind of creativity that will help them to understand themselves and what a powerful role they have to play in the future of humanity. If you are interested in attending or getting a group together or one to one sessions contact me Sue Sell sue@casasell.com  tel. +3460068033

These groups are half day sessions depending on the age group and can be  organised on request. In the groups we will work with nature, play, art , music discussion etc to introduce such topics as:-

• Incredible you. Who am I

• I am a Star. (allowing kids to shine)

• It’s not  always about what you’ve got (  more about money and abundance for kids)

• You have choice in life. How to manifest what you need!

• Peace brings Peace. Releasing Fear!

• The Magic of Nature

• We are one with each other and our planet (learning about Healing Energy)

• What about God who or what is this thing called God? who’s God  is the real God?

• Explaining and working with the heart

• Simple meditation & healing techniques in the beautiful countryside of  Biniagual, the perfect place for children to connect to nature and their true essence!

 For older groups or teenagers further on from this this we can discuss:-  more on our Multidimensional reality, creation and the true history of mankind, cosmology and how we are not alone in the universes, awareness, connection and communication to all sentient life including  animals, plants crystals etc,  healing and energy work etc!  mindfulness and mediation and how it can help you,  Ecology, surviving in a changing world. How we can shape the world we want to live in. About Perception!

‘Chinas Super Psychics’ by Pauldrenl Dong and Thomas E. Raffill, published 1997

‘The children of the Now ‘ by Meg Blackburn Losey. published 2007

‘The New Human’ Awakening to our cosmic heritage by Mary Rodwell published 2016

Soul Survivor(  a little boys past life story ) by Bruce and Andrea Leininger published 2009