If we are to achieve Peace in the world First we must begin with the children – Mahatama Ghandi

creative-kidsI am a grandmother of four who is lucky enough to have her grandchildren living nearby. Connecting to children is one of the most important ways to expand our consciousness. They are a new wave of sensitive beings and they are here to show us how to change the world and we are here to support them in that.

Here at my house in the countryside near Biniagual is the perfect space to hold Creative Gatherings for children where they can express themselves freely through discussion, art nature and the American Indian medicine wheel, Connecting and understand the heart and their own emotions, learning simple healing techniques for themselves and others, simple meditation and any other kind of creativity that will help them to understand themselves and what a powerful role they have to play in the future of humanity.

These are half or one day sessions depending on the age group and can be organized on request. In the groups we will work with nature, play, art , music discussion etc to introduce such topics as:-

  • 1. Incredible you. Who am I
  • 2. I am a Star. (allowing kids to shine)
  • 3. It’s not what you’ve got ( lessons on money and abundance for kids)
  • 4. You have choice
  • 5. Peace brings Peace
  • 6. The Magic of Nature
  • 7. We are one with each other and our planet (learning about Healing Energy)
  • 8. What about God who’s God is the real God?
  • 9. Explaining and working with the heart
  • 10. Simple meditation & healing techniques