We are powerful beyond belief. It is our sense of powerlessness that Has kept us in chaos – Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief)

Do you ever wonder Who am I? Where have I come from? Is there more? What is life all about?

Imagine Change, to see, feel and experience who you are at your deepest level. Utilise your power to create a field of infinite possibilities for yourself, others and the world around you!
Without Change we cannot evolve. When we change we create a space for something new.

I offer practical, informative workshops, creative gatherings and local excursions to spiritual sights for inspiration and self and collective Empowerment. Inspiration comes when you are in a state of being ‘In Spirit’ when an idea gets hold of you and encourages you to change in some way! Being in Spirit can be described also as being in that zone which is our brain’s right hemisphere or feminine side where spontaneous healing, knowingness, intuition and creativity dwell and where our heart is fully engaged! We can benefit enormously by learning how to change from our old programs of lack ,limitations, and mediocrity and expand our consciousness in multi directions to encompass a new and wonderful world of magnificent co creation.

We can learn to open our hearts and explore the concept of oneness, the benefits of transformation and living in harmony with ourselves and everything around us, the real meaning of the energy of love and understand a new meaning of the word Spirituality and how it is coming together with modern day scientific thinking.

These half and one day workshops include such topics as:-

The half and one day workshops include such topics as:-

  • 1. The Power of Perception
  • 2. Deleting the limitation of lack
  • 3. New ideas for Staying Younger
  • 4. Fear is Imagined Reality
  • 5. About American Indian medicine wheel
  • 6. The Power of St. Germaine and the violet Flame
  • 7. Simple Sacred Geometry Explained.
  • 8. Expressing your Creativity through Art
  • 9. All levels of Reiki and Reiki for Children