Gaiadon Heart is a crystalline pathway accessing higher multi dimensional  frequencies of consciousness within  oneself and at the same time shifting the consciousness of the whole planet.

gaiadon-heartThe Gaiadon Heart workshops and holographic healing methods are channelled from Mother Earth, Gaia and Enoch who is the higher self of Thoth the Egyptian God of Alchemy. They are brought through from Saranya Zaverei from Chennai, India who travels the world facilitating these teachings and working with the sacred power points of the Planet.

These teachings are strongly connected to the Ancient order of Melchizedek. They embrace a 33 chakra system and through the Morphic Resonance of visual Sacred Geometry and Flower of Life/ Hologram of Love activation, meditations and initiations encompass all belief systems and holographic cosmic, and unity consciousness or oneness.

The focus is on the merging of the Heart of Gaia ( the living being of mother Earth) with the Heart of Adonai ( the Energy of God ) bringing to us the perfect balance of our original divine blueprint – balance and harmony of male and female energies within us and on the planet and the merging of New Science with Spirituality. These sacred geometries have the ability to profoundly affect the very nature of reality as we know it and to transform and align everything into which they come into contact!

The Seminars include four, three, and two day workshops – the initial levels 1A, 1B 2 and 3 and then the more recently channelled Prajna Light, Source Heart Light and Divine Alchemy Seminars with coloured manuals and high resolution DVDs for absorbing the channelled Sacred Geometry. After attending the workshop of your choice you can immediately, should you wish , facilitate these sacred teachings to others.

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