Help yourself by experiencing a one to one healing session in which a meditative state or space is created for you to access newer and higher frequencies for self healing.  It is in that theta state sometimes called The Zero Point Field or Hara State that all positive healing and manifestation takes place. During theses healing we access through  holographic ,multidimensional Codes /Geometries, the Plasmic  energies which are some of the highest on the planet at this moment. The codes are mathematical scalar wave programs  holographically imprinted with higher dimensional information, made up of  frequencies, colour symbols and sound.Understand  too that there are many new spiritual scientific healing  methods being gifted to us from our Comic neighbours at this time ! !Learn that the body has a brilliant capacity for self healing and harmony.  Your body and Divine Self guides, direct and uses the information and frequency from the codes, your higher Axitonal lines to bring you just what you need on a  multidimensional level. So often all we need to do is stop,  slow down and allow our heart to work coherently with our thoughts/ brain in order to  access and acknowledge that  field of love and endless positive  possibilities which continually surrounds us!

We are constantly  being reminded of looking after our physical bodies and physical health etc but what about taking time out for  and acknowledging  our Spiritual Side (that which goes beyond the physical)  You will be  surprised how just ten minutes a day connecting to that higher state  will start to change your life ! How about a healing session occasionally, likened perhaps to  going  to the gym for your soul To be sure your physical body will function on a much higher level if you maintain you soul or life  force energy whatever name you choose to give it

‘As within so without’ as the saying goes!

 In the last few years I have become fascinated with  group consciousness of Crystal Skulls and how they can help us with our personal and planetary evolution. Recently I have become Guardian of amazing such skull. It is named ‘The Peace Skull and I have found that working with it one to one or just being in its presence is very inspiring for the healing process!

 These healings and self empowerment sessions are extremely powerful for both human and animals alike and you can be sure that on some level even if you are not feeling it at the time they will bring about a clarity or much needed change in your consciousness. They are not only for people who are physically ill but also a way of soul and body maintenance before it gets to a physical  level ! We can discuss afterwards  how you can take your physical and spiritual health into your own hands more , heal yourself, and reconnect with the perfection and fullness of your being ,allowing spiritual and evolutionary advancement for yourself others at the same time!