‘The land isn’t sacred because the temple is here; the temple is here because the land is sacred! – A Hawaiian Kahuna.

Mallorca  known by the Romans as the jewel of the Mediterranean, not surprisingly as it sits on an underlying bed of crystal that makes for its magnificent  surrounding aquamarine sea! It also has the largest network of underground caves in Europe as well as magnificent mountains, beaches and amazing countryside full of beautiful places to experience!  Here we can feel and experience a magical interplay and balance of the sacred feminine and masculine energies. The interplay between the magic of nature, history and ourselves is based on resonance – the energetic sympathy between humankind and certain special frequency spots, often referred to as sacred places.By acknowledging, visiting and appreciating such places, we can learn to open our hearts and explore the concept of oneness and our interconnectedness with all things including our relationship with this living planet on which we presently reside.

This transformational living in Harmony will bring us new meaning to life and the word Sacred and how it can come into line with modern day living and new scientific thinking! Through our magical connection to nature and ancient wisdom of sacred sites we can understand the true meaning of the word

INSPIRATION and by living ‘in spirit’ we can learn to recognise this living life force within all of us!

If you want to know more about  these Sacred Sites on this magical island or want to visit any of them please get in touch with me . Step out of the box and open your mind to believing that the power of the place relies less on the physical and more on the gifts of the soul where your heart can fully engage! For more information please contact sue@casasell.com