We  need to be constantly redefining ourselves and realigning old patterns and shifting  our perceptions, especially in these times of enormous evolution! Although the outer world may seem to be in chaos, with the false  Matrix  keeping us within its grip! and looking around us, as if our planet is falling apart and ourselves along with it, the forceful energies that are now entering our earth plane are in truth illuminating all that is of a lower frequency and that have not understood the meaning of Unity Consciousness, the concept of  Universal Love and accepted and connected with the divinity within themselves!

SINCE 1997 I have been on a pathway to re-discovering my own divinity and self empowerment along with understanding ,mainly through  working with Ancient wisdom and the modern Holographic Quantum Universe, the ultimate power of  unity and the collective consciousness. I have come to understand that  Science and Spirituality merge to become one and the same, which they always have been! In many cases, so called new Science is now beginning to prove things that the Ancient Wisdom keepers have been telling us for years!

MY PATH has led me to many  holographic healing modalities and ancient Mystery school teachings as well as visiting  many of the worlds sacred power points of the planet to work with the energies there f in order to  promote  personal and Planetary growth. This has usually been influenced by working with sacred geometries or Codes Resonance  which have the ability to profoundly affect the very nature of reality as we know it and to realign everything into which they come into contact. I have been closely associated with The Ancient Order of Melchizedek  in facilitating The Melchizedek Method followed by the Gaiadon Heart a multi dimensional pathway accessing higher frequencies and  sacred geometries  more especially ‘The Flower of Life’ to aid in  the shifting off consciousness of oneself and the planet as a whole!  This has served me well and been a necessary contribution to the Earths progression in levels of consciousness. 

SINCE 2013 however I had slowly been feeling a kind of INERTIA and inability to move forward with any of the work I had been doing for 20 odd years! Then suddenly out of the blue  came a bolt in the way of a red pill to completely throw me off my perch so to speak. I discovered The Innerversity of Divine Perfection. where new codes or geometries from Absolute Source were being brought forth. I stated to tap into their work and listen and partake of their amazing webinars  and suddenly felt that I was hearing a new pathway that resonated with me.  There was a new Krystaline  server on board so to speak .’The Krystal Star Server’One that is freeing us of the old patterning. and presenting us with an amazing NEW DIVINE GOLD PRINT as opposed to the old blueprints we have adopted in the past! I realise that the old Matrix who’s main goal has been to keep us in servitude had even been able to manipulate the very geometries on the planet for whatever reasons to keep us from embracing our Sovereignty ,Wholeness and Freedom which is our Divinity!  So  now it is time for CHANGE. We have moved to a new frequency and for this we require a new Server! 

You will only have to listen to some of the webinars and Wisdom  sharing  from the websites  www.iodp.love  ‘ Innerversity of Divine Perfection’ and www.christofonline.com to understand how Sananda ,Shekinah and Christof Melchizadek amongst many many others on the Planet! are bringing forth these golden luminescent  aurora frequencies, showing us how to embrace our  Divinity  and the new HOMO DIVINUS that we are becoming!

 The Golden Age is within us. We are returning back to who we really are! We are learning how to collapse our first three chakras to allow for the heart and  and only heart based living to take over! In this way we encompass the whole and let go of ego based frequencies.

WE are also beginning to openly embrace our Cosmic heritage and our Multidimensionality! Check out another friend of mine Aja  Andromeda at www.multidimensionalu.com to discover how you have many aspects to your being and not from this planet only! Discover your Multidimensionality and Cosmic Connections!

So now I am totally immersed and working with these new Plasmic 

codes and  Crystalline frequencies in all my healing work both personal and planetary! and realise that I am  now  totally disconnected from any kind of limiting  Matrix.

Tiara Kumara  of   www.iamavatar.com  or www.childrenofthesun.org  is also working on these new Krystalline energies and  Planetary Evolution’ Having  subscribed to  the Children of the sun site since its inscription  I love her work both planetary and personal. Her group planetary transmissions are amazingly powerful. Anyone can sign up for them.

In her words; ‘ We are here to eradicate the holographic insert of Separation and extreme suffering. We need to take an evolutionary leap to inspire higher minds of Society to co-create a co-operative Global Culture that is regenerative and self sustaining, potent and powerful too entrench, transmute and permanently transform all the false programming’ 

 I met her  for the first time in Egypt recently  where she was facilitating a Particle Convergence trip(21st August 2017)  which I attended with Akasha Sananda and Christof  Melchizedek. ‘Morphogenesis and the Skillsets of Evolution’ published in 2016 is her amazing book to read and refer to.

 Things are moving with great speed now as the new incoming energies and frequencies are allowing the true merging of the male and female energies within us , bringing about Divine Union and  perfect Heart Brain Co-herence  The merging of Science and Spirituality is  at last becoming a reality, enabling us to really think in terms of WE not ME and embrace true UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS 


· Modern Science is realizing that we are all connected. LETS THINK WE NOT ME! ·

One Earth, One Humanity, One Future, is a concept that has been conveyed by poets, philosophers and spiritual teachers throughout the ages. One of its most beautiful expressions is found in the celebrated speech attributed to Chief Seattle of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes of what is now the state of Washington in the north-west of the USA:

This we know:

all things are connected

like the blood

that unites one family…

Whatever befalls the earth,

befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.

Man did not weave the web of life;

he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web,

he does to himself. – Chief SeattleNow its time to wipe the Karmic SlateClean. We are all one energy. It has been proven by Quantum Science. The suffering of one is the suffering of all. What we do to another we do to ourselves! 

Through awakened self-empowerment and self realisation we learn see this!