Friday 31st January/ Saturday 1st February.
Two Day Seminar – Activations and Meditations to assist us with raising our vibrational frequencies and that of the planet
Sue Sell’s house Binagual
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Source Light Frequencies to assist the Ascension of our Beloved Gaia!

As we cross the border of materialism, we enter the Quantum Realm. As we begin to move beyond the physical experience we realize that the door has opened into a new frontier. Beyond the illusion of physical matter, we notice that atomic matter dissolves into waves of potential existence. Reality believed to be gives way to the joy of spontaneity.

Moving beyond Time as we knew it, we are waltzing into the New Paradigm. New Timelines are created with new sets of influencing factors, and with the new awareness that we are equipped with, many divine initiations lift us into the Great Eternity, open vistas of endless potential and endless possibilities. The tasks that lie ahead of us require us to cross time-lines and experience multi-versal consciousness in a very real way, and to draw the best of all realities into one reality. The most incredible new wisdom encompasses an understanding that is totally unique and powerful, and never experienced before, so totally within the physical realms with such conscious awareness.